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VA – Yoshitoshi: Best of 2017 / Yoshitoshi Recordings

RELEASE: Yoshitoshi: Best of 2017
ARTIST: Aaaron, Anthony Attalla, Soul Trader, Belocca, Chance Caspian, Cica, PQM, Dakar, Eddie Amador, Kellie Allen, Loco & Jam, Frankyeffe, Mannerow, Nihil Young, Wolf Story, Sharam, Soul Trader, Anthony Attalla, Trent Cantrelle, Valentino, Various Artists, Veerus
REMIXERS: Cid Inc, Moonwalk, OC & Verde, Reinier Zonneveld, Truth Be Told, Uner,
LABEL: Yoshitoshi Recordings
GENRE: Deep House
RELEASED: 2017-12-29
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Aaaron – Black Arp (Original Mix) (07:06) / Amin, 123bpm
  2. Anthony Attalla, Soul Trader – Close (Original Mix) (08:35) / D#min, 120bpm
  3. Belocca – Secrets Of The Moon (Original Mix) (08:28) / Amin, 125bpm
  4. Chance Caspian – Fairytales (Original Mix) (07:09) / Gmin, 122bpm
  5. Cica, PQM – The Flying Song (UNER Remix) (06:30) / Dmaj, 122bpm
  6. Dakar – Dynamite (Original Mix) (06:50) / Dmaj, 123bpm
  7. Dakar – Myself (Original Mix) (06:28) / Fmaj, 124bpm
  8. Eddie Amador – House Music (Truth Be Told Remix) (06:55) / Amin, 124bpm
  9. Kellie Allen – James Brown (Original Mix) (06:17) / Dmaj, 123bpm
  10. Loco & Jam, Frankyeffe – Splitting Minds (Original Mix) (07:56) / Cmin, 126bpm
  11. Mannerow – Bird Watching (Original Mix) (07:47) / Gmin, 122bpm
  12. Nihil Young, Wolf Story – Voice of Reason (Original Mix) (06:18) / Amin, 124bpm
  13. Sharam – Arpi (Moonwalk Remix) (07:11) / D#maj, 124bpm
  14. Sharam – Napoli (Original Mix) (08:32) / Fmaj, 124bpm
  15. Sharam – Techi (Reinier Zonneveld Remix) (07:01) / Fmaj, 124bpm
  16. Soul Trader, Anthony Attalla – Silence (Original Mix) (06:14) / Emin, 124bpm
  17. Trent Cantrelle – What I Need (Original Mix) (06:30) / Amin, 122bpm
  18. Trent Cantrelle – Your Body (Original Mix) (06:44) / Amin, 125bpm
  19. Valentino – Flying (Cid Inc VIP Remix) (07:45) / Cmin, 123bpm
  20. Various Artists – Yoshitoshi: Best of 2017 (Continuous DJ Mix 1) (57:21) / Dmin, 123bpm
  21. Various Artists – Yoshitoshi: Best of 2017 (Continuous DJ Mix 2) (01:02:26) / Cmin, 124bpm
  22. Veerus – Beat That (OC & Verde Remix) (07:50) / D#min, 125bpm

Total Playtime: 04:23:53 min

What a whirlwind year it has been. 2017 was a pivotal year for Yoshitoshi that saw numerous breakthrough EP’s, a new album for me that marked a return to my roots, the continuation of our 20th Anniversary classic remix series, and a placement in Mixmag’s top 50 most influential labels of the last decade. We celebrated our love for music and the artists that we have chosen to take this journey with by hosting parties at festivals like BPM, SXSW, and Miami Music Week, releasing the second iteration of our Deep End compilation, and reviving the Four Points EP with some amazing contributions. We welcomed many new faces to the label and started a new weekly radio show, which now reaches millions of listeners per week on 33 stations worldwide. Through all of this, you, our fans, have been with us, guiding us and informing our decisions with your feedback and support. None of this would have been possible without you. To show our thanks and appreciation, we present this very special double-mix compilation that highlights some the tracks that inspired us the most this year. We would also like to thank all of the artists, managers, PR’s, and journalists that helped us have such an impactful year. We look forward to doing it all again in 2018.



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